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With over a decade of experience in the field of visual communications, I help individuals and organizations develop and fine tune their presentations so that they are both effective and gorgeous.

My Approach

Have you ever been asked to use the corporate template but found that it's super user-unfriendly or unwieldy?

The layouts just don’t work for your content… there are bizarre glitches that happen… or your slides never seem to match the company colors? Or perhaps the template is fine but your colleagues either totally ignore it, or worse – wreck it to the point that it’s unrecognizable and completely useless?

Well it turns out that building a PowerPoint template is something that most designers DON’T know how to do. In fact, they usually muck it all up and leave ticking time bombs in there for their users!

To build a proper template, you need to understand how the presentation software works (not Adobe), inside and out and under the hood.

This is true for all kinds of presentations and documents – and it’s frustrating to see it done so wrong, so often.

When clients work with me, they not only get the beautiful slides they’ve been wishing they could create, but they also get the peace of mind of knowing that those slides won’t come back later to haunt them.

I do this both as a presentation and templates designer, and as a teacher and coach, training you and your employees so that they can better master the tools of their trade.

Presentation & Template Design

Work with an expert who will transform your vision into stunning visuals that support your message and compel your audience to action.

Courses & Training

Skip the decade of 'trial by fire' and learn the skills to take your presentations to the next level. With expert instruction, finally master the tools of your trade and build documents with confidence.

About Me

As a Certified Presentation SpecialistTM, I wear many hats – graphic designer, storyteller, teacher, and techie – in order to serve my clients. I have learned all these skills over a decade of experience in the field of visual communications, in both the corporate world and as CEO of my own PowerPoint training business.

What people remark about me is my ability to translate vision into visual; and I have spent my whole life translating. Born to an American father and a French mother – in Hong Kong – learning how to best communicate between people is in my DNA.

With experience in the corporate world and as CEO of Nuts & Bolts Speed Training, I understand the needs of both large and small organizations.

Whether it’s teaching you how to leverage tools like PowerPoint to create amazing presentations and templates, or simply doing it for you, I’m here to help you execute your vision down to the finest detail.

My favorite presentation tools are Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. I also leverage software like the Adobe suite and Camtasia to craft all kinds of presentations and documents.

My Wheelhouse

Here are just a few of the types of documents I love building and perfecting:

Recent Publications

Here are some of my latest writings and appearances across the web.


free training series on creating PowerPoint templates


written on the biggest workforce skill gap for Training Magazine


with the National Association of Sales Professionals


on Brian Clark's 'Unemployable' podcast



Template / Theme Creation

Keep your brand consistent. Have your existing template fixed or get a beautiful and functional new one designed from scratch.


Presentations From Scratch

Have an important presentation coming up? Get your ideas turned into visuals that spark your audience to act.


Presentation Redesign

Tired of your old presentation or think it looks too dull? Give it a makeover so that it shines as brightly as you do.


Presentation & Template Training

Empower yourself and your team by learning how to master the tools you use every day and improve every aspect of your work.


Template Creation

Presentations from Scratch & Redesigns

A Few of My Clients

What People Say About Me

Best possible experience with Camille! She was fast, extremely professional, made changes without any complaint and was 100% committed to doing a great job for us. I wish she lived here in my market, I’d beg her to come work for me full-time.

Robin Leigh

Real Estate Agent & Entrepreneur

Camille is professional, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. She is a real powerpoint expert! We partnered to create a slide template that works for me and I highly recommend her work.

Donna Weber

Customer Onboarding Expert, Speaker & Author

Courses & Training

Find the perfect training for you! If crafting and delivering presentations is a big part of your (or your team’s) work, you will want to consider upskilling that area so that you not only stand out from the crowd, but master the technology that is a part of your every day.

Self-Study Courses

Membership by Nuts & Bolts  Speed Training

Train Your Team

Tailor-made to fit your  team’s exact needs

Contact Me

Let me know how I can help you with your presentations and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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